New Video for “Headlights”: Raleighwood EP

We recently finished production on our first video in nearly 20 years. “Headlights” is the lead track on our new Raleighwood EP. Hats off to director Charles Crossingham and his crew. Enjoy…

2 Comments on “New Video for “Headlights”: Raleighwood EP

  1.  by  Dick Roberts

    I was afraid this would not measure up to Southern Lines, but……..
    I play in a band out of Carrabelle Florida. Our lead player is 19 years old (I’m 61). I have introduced to your music, and you have a new fan. Rock on.

  2.  by  Arnie Jones

    This song and video are right up there with the greatest things these guys have ever done!
    Saw them recently at the Double Door Inn in Charlotte, and they were just as great live as they were the first time I saw them in 1996. Ever since then, I’ve been a missionary for telling people how great this band is.

    Just a word to the guys in the band: you and your music have been an source of inspiration and enjoyment to me ever since I first heard you way back when, and the world is a better place with you all making music together again. Keep up the good work, fellas!

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